Week 006 – Attitude Matters

Wow, this week has been awesome! I love how powerful the spirit is, and how I get to feel that power on a daily basis. It is truly a big blessing. Less than a week left then I am off to the Philippines. Ready to go on the 15 hour flight, ready to leave the states, ready to continue my service to the Lord.

Throughout this week, people started leaving. People that I would associate with that were going other places that were not in the Philippines. Although this was sad, It made it more a reality that I am going to be leaving soon. In less than a week, I will be half way across the world. It is all starting to become more of a reality, yet I am getting more excited.
This week, for our devotionals (I brought my Journal this time :P) we had Brother Kopischke of the 70, and Chad Lewis (Tight End for the Eagles, currently retired). Brother Kopischke (Yes, he is German) talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. One of my favorite parts of his talk was the following: “You are not sent out to advertise his church, but to be a living epistle of Jesus Christ”. Living epistle, according to the Bible dictionary is “a formal teaching instrument”. That is what I must strive for, to become that formal teaching instrument so that I might be a instrument of the Spirit. I loved that! πŸ˜€ Brother Lewis, on the other hand, talked about obedience and such. The part that I loved most though, was his wife’s comment; “Don’t worry about your weakness’s, go with your strengths”. I loved this! Go with your strengths! That is what We must do, go with what we are strong with, and work on that which we are weak, we must work on! I love it!!! Oh and brother Lewis brought our Taysom Hill (yes, the same BYU QB that is currently injured). He talked about how, even with his fame and prestige, nothing compares to his mission.
So This week I had in field orientation. The goal is to kind of inform you a bit more about what you will be doing with the bishops and other auxiliary leaders. Then they split us up into 3 groups, and we did activities. I had the opportunity to assist with how I would talk to my “Friend” about the church, and did a bit of role playing. It was SUPER fun!!! I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it, but If you have a good attitude then it will work out. Which reminds me, one of my favorite stories was the following: President Monson, when he was a mission president had a area in which they had 1 baptism in the last 6 years. As president Monson was reading about how Brigham Young had 45 baptisms in 30 days (in the same area), he closed down the area. After a few months of hyping up the area, the area was reopened. Within the first 3 months, there were similar results (about 35 in the first 30 days). Now, I’m pretty sure that everyone didnt just move in those few months, but instead the attitude of the missionaries changed. Attitude is everything, therefore we must have a good attitude!!!!
We had our final TRC this week, and in it we got to talk to the Nicest Filippino. This Filippino actually lived 15 minutes from the Manilla MTC. After talking with her, she said she was going to try and see my companion and I!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the end, she wanted a picture but our screen went out πŸ™ so she didn’t get it… Her name was Blossom (Such a unique name!) and she had a son and a husband. I am growing to Love these people ^_^
So our Choir teacher here, did something different this week. He had this 8 year old girl come and sing with us. She is going to be singing in a mormon message soon, so that was a pretty cool experience. He was telling us how easy it is for people to believe that God loves that little girl, but find it hard for god to love them. God loves us, just as much as he loves that little girl.
Finally, the Branch president’s wife told our district a story about her Daughter. Her daughter passed away a few years ago, and had down syndrome. The interesting thing about this daughter, is that everyone was her favorite. She would meet someone, and tell them “You’re my favorite”, or back to her mom “They are my favorite”. Everyone was her favorite. The branch president’s wife related this to how we are each god’s favorite. He loves us equally, and there is no favorite. Although it might not make sense, it was pretty cool!
Hope everyone has a good week! Next time I email will probably be in the Philippines!!!! πŸ˜€
Sincerely, Elder Wilson
Elder Wilson

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