Week 005 – Clay Book of Mormons

Hello everyone!

This week has been more busy more than normal. With everything that is going on, I am not surprised though, with us leaving a week from Thursday, they are trying to get everything in. Therefore I will probably have a different Pday not this next week, but the following week. So many things are happening, I don’t even know where to begin.
I guess I will start that TRC (This thing where we talk to a random investigator who speaks our language) was slightly different this week. We got to Skype with a Filipino member! It was so cool! There were chickens making sounds, there were kids running around, it was so distracting, but we did not let that get to our message. We invited the spirit and it worked really well! It was great, both the experience and the event. TRC was a really cool experience, and hopefully Ill be able to do it again next week. We have infield orientation this week (Learning how to participate in all the administrative stuff like going to meetings and such). That takes up the entire day… So that should be fun!
Today, (and i do not know why i did not think of this earlier) I went to the temple and had breakfast there. It was actually really inexpensive for the quality of the food (Flavorful and delicious). We actually got to the temple earlier then we expected, so we helped out in the laundry for a bit. I had the opportunity to see one of my teachers working there! it was awesome haha
We got our travel plans today, it is all starting to become a reality. Just need to make sure my bags are under 50 lbs and 15 lbs for the carry on (Keep getting more stuff from the MTC, and since I was close to 50 before, I might need to get rid of some stuff…). Luckily our entire zone is on the same flights, so that will be fun (Get to talk to the same people for 15 hours, not like we do that throughout the week anyways).
8216434297_596f24fca4_bWe had L whitney clayton speak this week (I forgot my journal so I don’t remember what he spoke about). His message was really powerful though, I do remember that. Sunday’s speaker was some administrator at the MTC. He invited recent converts up, and had their stories shared. One of my favorite things that was said though, was that if you ever feel like the spirit is lost in a lesson (Or you are being tempted, don’t have the spirit) to recite the Joseph smith story. We did the song that pertains to the first vision. The best part was how he did it. Our director had us go Joseph… This is my beloved son… hear him. It is difficult to describe in a very short amount of time. It was cool none the less.
My companion and I are still relatively well (not sakit so…)  (Knock on wood). We are both getting closer as well, so that is super cool! It is gonna be so weird not having him as my companion in a few weeks… But I guess that’s part of the missionary life.
I will say, one of the hardest things has been not thinking about life after the mission. Everyone is talking about it… “Where are you going to school after the mission” or “What are your plans”, you get the picture. I just hope that I will be able to just focus on the Filipino people when I get there. That way there is no issue, but I guess I will not know till I get to that point. I just need to keep focusing and practicing quiet dignity and being obedient. That is the key, quiet dignity. and being productive of course!
So, As I believe I have said before, My companion has been to the Philippines a few times. He keeps on telling me that it will be a really humbling experience. I have discovered that this is something that I need to work on. So that is what I have been working on. My companion is helping me with this, and it is working really well! I am just grateful that He is willing to provide me insight into what my weakness’s are so that I may improve. My goal is to be more like Christ, And I am unable to do that if I do not notice what my weakness’s are. But the key to this scenario, Is willingness to accept correction. Willing to change. Willing to allow the Lord to change me to what he knows I will look best with.
One of the coolest things I saw this week (Which makes me more excited) Is this girl has a Book of mormon, like the ones investigators get, which had a clay design on the cover. She got it from the Philippines. It literally was the coolest thing ever. There are so many cool things in the Philippines, and I am just grateful that I am able to venture down this path. Thank you to everyone and your support, especially your prayers! They are much appreciated!
Hope everyone has a marvelous week! Keep checking out my blog for photos (all photos are posted under Brandonawilson.com/photos.
Sincerely, Elder Wilson
P.S. Our name tags are in English. From what I was told, this is because most of the church services take place in English, at least broken English haha
Elder Wilson

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