Week 003 – New week, New adventures

Hey everyone! Hope everything is going well!

This week has been crazy. Being sick, with a fever, in the MTC is not fun. It is so busy here that there is no time to take a nap, or anything. Yet when the teacher kicks you out of class because you have a fever, you kind of end up taking a nap anyways. So much fun! I’ve been off campus now 3 times (excluding temple visits) due to both me and my companion being sick. I had Pink eye earlier this week, (Or maybe it was a side effect of me being sick, who knows) So i was sent off campus. Pretty crazy. My companion on the other hand, has been sick the entire time. He currently has Bronchitis :(.  Anyways, I am excited to finally be getting better!
My companion, Elder Sturgill is awesome (I feel like I’ve said that before). One thing I love about him is his love for the People. He has been over to the Philippines 7 times before (and to think, I’ve never left the country) and his dad served over there. He tells amazing stories about the people there, and make all the rumors kind of dissipate. I love it. Although he is the youngest person, he has such a strong desire and such great knowledge. That and he knows the language better then me. (Which is nice in lessons, and in case I have any questions)


Sadly, they will not have a missionary choir (at least not to my knowledge) for general conference. I do, on the other hand, have the opportunity to sing in the MTC Choir on Sunday and Tuesday nights for devotionals. The Choir Director is hilarious. (For all those going to the MTC Soon, try it out, he makes my night sometimes). We had the Brother, who is in charge of missionaries and such speak to us on Sunday. He showed a bunch of Old commercials clips that had brilliant messages. We also had elder Costa, of the 70, speak to us. His most profound message (That a majority of everyone loved) is that; When you open up a apple, you can count the seeds. But you can’t count the apples from the seed. Loved it!


This week has been super exciting! I have taken a nap nearly every day since we are quarantined to our residency, and there is only so much I can do. My companion and I are just working on getting better right now, so that we can get back to class. I went yesterday and felt completely lost during the lesson. Well, I know everything will work out, and I know that although I struggle with the language (Im getting better, I actually asked questions pertaining to the lesson, kind of directed how that went Which is pretty cool, cause normally my companion does that), so I guess it will just take time. Super excited for conference this weekend! besides the fact that I am missing the General Women’s broadcast (I think I can live without watching that for a season), I am grateful to be able to be out here, ready to serve the Lord. Hope all is going well!


Elder Wilson
Elder Wilson

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