Week 002

Hello everyone

This week has been crazy. To start, we have No free time. Even when we do have free time, it is always filled. From 6:00 (yes, my room likes waking up at 6), till 10:30, our time is always filled. I love it though. I love being able to bring others unto Christ. Helping others come unto Christ is something that I absolutely Love to do. Even those that are already members, we can help bring them unto Christ That, is what is important. Not the Baptisms, or the experience, it is the opportunity to Bring others unto Christ.


My companion is super awesome (did I Say that Last time? Because he is). He has been learning the language super quickly, and is already way ahead of me. Which is great during lessons because I might sit there with a “this is interested Look” When in reality, I have no idea what is going on. So once I find out where we are, I am able to Testify with the limited vocab that I do know. It is so difficult though, when you wish to testify of something, but you do not know how to say it. That is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. It is almost like you want to say something, but words can not describe it. But I know that, even with limited words, the Lord will bring those words to my remembrance. Trusting him and opening my mouth have been some of the greatest blessings I have experienced. I Will say words that I completely forgot how to say, or what they mean, until they are already out of my mouth. The Gift of Tongues is real, and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it.


One of the most challenging things though, is the constant being sick. I felt a little off coming into the MTC, and not even 24 hours ago, I am infected with a second cold. I’m gonna finish this letter, skip laundry, and take a nap. My Kauban (companion) has been sick the entire time and I know he is looking forward to a nap as well. Normally I would just sleep it off, but there is no sleeping in here, just work. Work, Work and more work.This work is exhausting. We have people in our Dorm (we call them Residency here) and they stay up till 11… I don’t know how they do it! If I had the choice, I would be in bed by 10:00.


On sunday, we watched a devotional (pre-recorded one was the best one), Provided by Elder Bednar. He discussed the Character of Christ, and how we need to focus more on others and not our selves. One of the stories he told was about this woman, who called president Bednar (Then a stake president) while he was taking a shower. She had just heard about a car wreck in which her daughter was one of the 3 Young woman who were apart of it. One of them was dead, and they did not know which one. She wanted President Bednar to identify if her daughter was the one who had passed on. Mid-way through talking with her, President Bednar realized that the woman had 2 phones, and on the other line was a LDS nurse who Was prepping for the women. She confirmed that her daughter had passed on. Rather then Grieve and cry, the woman instantly went and advised that they need to contact the other woman’s parents and let them know. Wow. talk about selfishness. She was able to put away her own daughter, her only child, and focus on other people. Reminds me of a institute class in which we need to be always focused on other people. There’s a lot more to the story, but I Am running out of time.


Therefore I will speak of one final thing I have learned. During Choir Rehearsals, the Director asked us “How many of you volunteered to come here?” After a majority of the people raise their hands, he responds “Wrong, You were each called to come”. This is true, we are called as messengers of Christ, Called as Witness’s, Not as volunteers. Called to Serve him, Heavenly King of Glory. Chosen E’re to witness for his name. We are Chosen, not Volunteered. I believe it is the same with Church Callings, Not Church Volunteers. Everyone is called in this church, and I know that that is true. Being called of a Prophet of God, To witness in a place with a culture different then any other. To be called a Witness of him.  Called to bring others unto Christ


My time is up, therefore I will bid all of you farewell.


Elder Wilson


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