Week 001

So, I have been here 2 days and I have already Learned to pray in Cebuano, learned to ask a few questions, And we already have a investigator (one of those members who act like a investigator but its still somewhat intimidating). That will be happening on Saturday (tomorrow), so that should be fun. I am intrigued to see how the gift of tongues is present. My companion, Elder Sturgill is a phenomenal companion, I don’t know how The lord blessed me with such a great first companion.

Day 1:
I arrived in salt lake, drove around the Salt Lake temple (Its not actually as big as I thought it was), and then we started heading over to Provo. As a last second Pit stop, we stopped in Wendy’s for a last moment of Civilization/Fast food prior to venturing to the MTC. After arriving, and a short goodbye, I was swiftly shown the way by a fellow missionary. We grabbed all of my stuff that I would need, and began on the language immediately. I have been here less than 72 hours and I already feel like I have always been doing this. We had a workshop later that evening in which we got to teach 3 investigators. I’ve never wanted to comment and speak more in my life. Although I wished to speak, I was grateful that the other missionaries were provided with the opportunity to provide their insight. I am thankful for that. Learning from each other is one of the best ways that I have been able to be edified. After the workshop, since it was around 9:30, we were sent back to our residency halls. We all got ready, and lights were out at about 10:30. Oddly enough, other missionaries were running around till about 11:00. After almost falling asleep, the door is opening, light bust forth, and a security guard is standing there. Wandering how we could have gotten in trouble after one day, we were astonished. What he was there for, was because one of the Elders we were missing, his plane just came in. So, our entire district was here! (Yay!). We finally got to bed, and decided to wake up at 6:25 the next day.
Day 2:
I realized that I would be unable to write how the days go after this week. Each day takes so long to remember, and then to type it up… Anyways, my district contains 4 sisters, and 6 Elders. We have a total of 41 people going to the Philippines with like 30 of us going to the Tacloban Mission. The district is so obedient that it is awesome! The elders who are in my room are Elder Sturgill, Elder Crapo, Elder Lockhart, Elder Renaud, and Elder Tatiana. The sisters are Sister Davis, Sister Prudencio, Sister Stitchfield, and Sister Neemia. They are all great! (You can see pictures of these sisters by going to my blog, Brandonawilson.com/photos). I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. After the many events of learning the language, and focusing on how to say a prayer, we finally did it! its amazing how the gift of tongues is so prevelent and real. My companion was telling me how he has learned more of this lanugage in two days, then he has in 2 years of Spanish Class.
Day 3:
I had the opportunity to go to the temple this week (They are letting us go once a week if we want to). We almost had our entire district there today. After that, My companion and I have begun working on reading the Book of Mormon. We are trying to read the Book of Mormon in Cebuano every day. We read the Book of Mormon in Cebuano as well as English. Its crazy how we are able to remember so much, in such little time. I am excited to go out and serve. I love how often we get to venture to the temple, and am excited.
Just as a FYI, Spanish is probably the closest language to Cebuano, But it is still VERY different. Either way, Till next week!
Elder Wilson
P.S. P-day is on Fridays, And I leave here on Nov 4.  And If you want to send me a handwritten letter, you can use http://www.dearelder.com/_images/ILP10_06.html. Unit 202
Elder Wilson

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